What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems? 

The current new UK specified vehicles coming on to the road, are fitted with a wider range of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS). These systems rely on monitoring the environment around the vehicle, typically using radar/ camera/ laser and infra-red sensors, which can be mounted on the windscreen or body of the vehicle.

ADAS Around Car

Advanced Driver Assistance Calibration

The Camera & Sensor Calibration Tool (CSC-Tool) from Hella Gutmann Solutions is a highly accurate testing and adjustment tool for calibrating advanced driver assistance systems by European vehicle manufacturers. Optional modules enable brand-specific calibrations of all kinds of systems. Therefore, in connection with a diagnostic tool from Hella Gutmann, you are able to calibrate the front camera for the lane keeping assist system, the radar sensor for the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) or the camera for an adaptive lighting system.

Our ADAS recalibration services can be carried out after any of the following:

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4 Wheel Alignment

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Body Work Repair

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Windscreen Renewal

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Sensor Renewal

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